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Laura jane Ok, i'm up to 5/6 finished english papers.That leaves one day to accomplish one ichaeloragale paper.Sounds good. Saturday was the best day ever.A little bit of snow boarding was done, a bit of tobbagganing too(Except it was too difficult to steer around the little kids so we ended that one pretty soon).The weather was too fantastic.Sunny and gorgeous and incredible. We then went for a walk along the river, stopping when ever we felt it neccisary to throw snow balls at each other or in my case cheap michael kors get tossed into the snow banks and get snow down the back of my jacket. We stopped by the bridge and crossed onto an open area of un stepped in snow and proceeded to draw a huge cowboy/hick in the snow, then we ran up the stairs to the bridge and admired our masterpiece. Next we climbed on top of two monuments that were on either side of a path and had the snow ball fight to end all snow ball fights, throwing snow across the path from one 'castle' to the other. (My team won, but that's because our monument had way more snow on top and their team had a team mate with a broken wrist. ) It was impossible to climb down and i really should have let k catch me but i was stubborn and wanted to do it myself.Results:A chunk out of my finger and blood on the snow.Not pretty.But we went to the new forks inn and got bandaid, so all was well. We shopped a little bit in the market place and then we bought curly fries at skinners and wondered how it was possoble that b had never tried them before! Then it was on to pick up bathing suits at all our houses, stopping finally at safeway to pick up groceries for our dinner.The boys made pasta and meat sauce, lk made a salad and leezann and i made a cake.Then we all sat down at the table(With candles i might add)To eat. And then the rest of the people arrived and it was officially a house party.The drinking began and we played a game of"Dice" (Where you guess a number and if you don't roll it you take a shot).Very simple. By the time we walked to the park to set of fireworks i was out of it, hangin off of a and k for support, but still having an amazing time.I probably should have stopped then but when you're drunk it's hard to listen to yourself, so brook and i snuck upstairs and took 3 more shots.Bad! If i hadn't had those last 3 it would have been much easier to fall asleep that night, because when they eventually kicked in i was already at home in bed. Today is valentines day!Happy valentines day to everybody!I hope you all have amazing days with your loved ones! .


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